Focus on your priorities....

and we will do

The Rest


Have you ever found yourself thinking 'there just aren't enough hours in the day.....'? 


That's where The Rest, Lifestyle and Event Management, LLC comes in! Think of us as your personal assistant, your concierge, your to-do list fairy, your organization guru, your party planner, your "full time spouse," your home decorator, your researcher, your negotiator, and your lifestyle consultant all in one. 


The mission of The Rest is to creatively and professionally fulfill the lifestyle needs of the busy individual, ranging from their small to-do list tasks to their big events and all the Rest in between, allowing our clients to leave their friends and family wondering 'how do they do it?' 


We pride ourselves on establishing trusting, committed relationships with our clients, while catering to their individual needs. Let us put our skills to work for you so that you may focus on your priorities - career, family, etc - yet still have all the details taken care of! No more guilt, no more stress.....just you with your priorities and us with The Rest! 

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