Andrea Kenny and Jennifer Moreno 

We each spent over 11 years in the corporate world, climbing the “ladder” and perfecting our customer service, sales, organizational, and management skills while at industry leading Enterprise Rent a Car. Outside of our business responsibilities, we loved to tap into our creative, visionary sides whenever possible!

Our personal experiences along with those of our colleagues made us realize it can be overwhelming to give 100% to your career and still try to fit in the needs of family, friends, and other responsibilities. We recognized people’s need for support in order to alleviate the stress of feeling it can’t all be done. Because of this, we decided our skills could be put to use in order to be that support……that personal assistant, that concierge, that to-do list fairy, that ‘full time spouse,’ that party planner, that home organizer all rolled into one!


We have stood together side by side as colleagues while navigating our leadership roles, as bridesmaids in each other’s weddings (planned without the help of wedding planners!), and now we are side by side as the founders of The Rest, Lifestyle and Event Management, LLC. ready to help you focus on your priorities! 



Copyright: Elisenda Llinares Photography